A year of the Resting Chef

November marks the end of my first year as the Resting Chef. Since my change of direction in life I have set up and run a successful supper club, worked in different kitchens, shops and even a festival. I’ve learned new skills, met lots of wonderful people, eaten amazing food, discovered real cider and delicious wines, experimented, foraged, and created a functioning kitchen garden (with a lot of help from a friend). I’ve grown so much this year it’s difficult to imagine myself going back.

At Bishopston Supper Club, which will be 1-year-old in December, there have been 11 supper evenings, 3 wine dinners, 3 birthday parties, a cider dinner, 2 Sunday lunches and an afternoon tea party, at which I’ve welcomed over 300 guests in total. Thanks to all who came along, helped, supported, and supplied the fantastic ingredients.

I have also had to make adjustments and sacrifices, and hopefully I’ve learnt from any mistakes. Thanks to those who have inspired me and those who’ve supported me through the highs and lows, without which, life would be pretty dull.

So, onto to the next year. I shall remain The Resting Chef in name if not in practice and will try to write more recipes and posts for this blog when I can. I plan to continue with the supper club as long as people want to come. One thing is for sure, I can’t go back to who and what I was. I love where I am now and have so many exciting plans for the future.



  1. Danielle – your blog is inspirational!! I would so like to leave my job lecturing at the Uni – but wonder how I could manage my time and money. I guess you took the plunge and look how well it worked out! Do you have any tips or advice you can pass on?
    I’m in Cumbria, so don’t have quite the critical mass of a City to make a Club work.. but am willing to take a chance! Lots of fantastic ingredients here of course, including the unique Windermere Char which is a great fish – only here because of the deep water of the Lake!
    Anyway, your menus look amazing!! Wish I was in the Bristol area – trying to persuade my daughter to apply to Uni there!! How evil is that!!

  2. It’s pretty scary taking the plunge and leaving a reasonably secure, full-time job to go it alone but in my case, was worth it and I don’t think I could go back to how life was before.
    It helps to have loving, supportive friends and family, and some savings in the bank for while you’re finding your feet/getting you through tough times.
    It’s hard to adjust to living without a regular income. I had to accept that life was going to change, I learned to be more frugal, less wasteful and prioritise what to spend my money on.
    I’ve always loved cooking for a living but I get the added satisfaction now of organising and hosting my own events, being a part of a community and getting to know my guests and suppliers better.
    Email me at bishopstonsupperclub@gmail.com if you have any questions re. starting up your own supper club and I’ll be glad to help.

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