Tart After Dark-Retro Night

Tart After Dark


Best known on the Gloucester Road and beyond for its sumptuous cakes and delicious tarts, Tart continues its series of monthly supper evenings with a 1970s-inspired retro menu.

Tart Retro
Supper Evening
Thursday 26th May

Jennie, Ellen and Andrew invite you to join them as they turn the culinary clock back for the Tart Retro Supper. Andrew puts his own special spin on some famous 70’s classics to create a menu that is inspired by food trends we have known and loved but is simultaneously bang up to date. Using locally sourced ingredients and the finest British produce in season, Andrew and the team have their piping bags, soufflé dishes and doilies* at the ready and a few surprises up their flamboyantly flared sleeves.

Mushroom vol-au-vent
Puff pastry made to Tart’s special recipe filled with button mushrooms, ceps and saucy garlic, cream and parsley.

Seafood cocktail
Crayfish, smoked salmon and prawn salad with rocket, dill, lemon and avocado dressed with Tart’s own cocktail sauce.

For vegetarians:
French onion soup
The classic soup, cooked slowly to develop the characteristic sweet onion flavour and served with Gruyère cheese croutes.

To follow:
Duck à l’Orange
Slices of tender grilled duck breast and confit of duck leg with Port and orange sauce made with a reduction of fresh duck stock, Ruby Port and orange zest served with Duchesse potatoes, peas and Chantenay carrots.

For vegetarians:
Cheese Soufflé
Twice baked goats’ cheese soufflé served with ratatouille and mixed leaves.

To finish:
Black Forest Gateau Classic
Layers of light-as-a-feather chocolate cake, whipped cream, black cherries and chocolate, utterly delicious when made the Tart way and served with another little classic.

*we lied about the doilies
£30 per head including a complimentary drink on arrival

7.30pm for supper at 8pm

To book, please call 0117 924 7628 or email jennie@lovelytart.com


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