Blue Door Supper Club

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to get a space at Sam Leach’s Blue Door supper club in Windmill Hill (formerly Southville Supper Club until the recent house move). Supper clubs are a new hobby of mine (hosting and as a guest), and I’d heard many compliments about his previous events, so I was eager to try Sam’s cooking for myself for foodie entertainment and research.

Supper clubs aren’t for everyone, I suppose. Even 6 months ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of going, alone, to a stranger’s house in a part of Bristol I didn’t know, to eat dinner with a table of people who I’d never met. But how I have changed in those few months. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ is my new mantra and I’m thankful for the new experiences this has led me to have. Supper clubs are a great alternative to restaurants; more value for money, more intimate and personal, and a great way to meet some new people and try different people’s cooking.

Sam’s wasn’t my first dabble into this exciting new world, I’ve been to the Montpelier Basement’s supper club twice and am planning to return. I was pretty nervous about going alone but they were very welcoming. It feels like you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner. A friend you never knew you had. At least we know we have something in common, we love good food.

I was seated at a table near the kitchen, great for me as I like to be near the action. (You can take a chef out of the kitchen…) There was another table in the living room. The other guests and I made our introductions and the obligatory ‘what do you do’ conversation circulated the table. Everyone brings their own wine etc. We were given a glass of mulled cider and some parsnip crisps to keep us busy while we waited for the starter. There was also very tasty bread from Mark’s Bakery in Bedminster, said to be the only artisan bakery in Bristol.

The starter was rare beef sliced wafer-thin (carpaccio-style) with horseradish (from their allotment), beetroot, and a herb pesto. The beef was perfectly tender, and the other ingredients complemented it nicely.

Next came a baked duck egg with Keen’s Cheddar which was deliciously rich and creamy. Great for dipping the bread into.

The main course was red mullet with lentils and salsa verde. Mullet is one of my favourites and it didn’t disappoint. The vibrant herby sauce gave a nice tang.

Then came a scoop of pear sorbet with a grilled slice of pear on top.

To finish were some chocolate truffles.

Quite a feast and for only a suggested donation of £20.

Click on the link on the blogroll to go to his blog The Daydream Kitchen where he posts updates, menus and info on the supper club and how to book a place.


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